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Perfect for long trips or when "quiet time" is especially important, this portable game will quickly become your most sought after toy. Over 30 items have been hidden inside these whimsical bean bags, and it's up to you to find all of them. Made of soft, durable fleece, one side of this unusual game has a clear plastic window, while the other lists the contents hidden inside. As the pellets shift, new prizes are revealed; and with each ever-changing glimpse, kids (and adults) will spend hours searching for the elusive goods. While you're having fun, don't forget the educational benefits found inside! With every turn this game promotes reading comprehension, object recognition, and increases motor skills. In addition to their unique fleece and embellishments, each bag is enhanced with items specific to that theme.
$10.00 each

Available in the Following Themes: (more to come!)
animalhunt02 BBabyFun02 PBabyFun02 GBabyFun02 YBabyFun02 beachfun02
DoctorVisit02 ElfFun02 FloralFind02 HandymanHunt02 PartyTime02 PrincessCollection02
SchoolSearch02 snowmansearch02 snowflakesearch02 SportsSearch02 TankTime02 TreasureHunt02

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I Spy Bag
$10.00 each
item# ispy01
Bag Theme

The I Spy Bag is not meant to be opened, and has re-enforced stitching to keep it secure during normal use. This product is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

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